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Company Overview


Our company was establied in 2005, who has been providing PCB products in the market around the world and try our best for quality and services.

Since 2011, we have started to set up assembly line and with in-house PCB assembly service, and stock components to provide turn-key service from PCB with components and assembly. FirstPCB is our online quoting and ordering system that makes it easy to order prototype PCB, full feature PCB, components, assembly together. We are the FIRST AND UNIQUE company who could order PCB, stock-ready components, assembly together.



Our philosophy: To provide the BEST possible quality and service with reasonable prices.

There are different choices of quality and service you could find and source from China. We try our best to make our products with the best values. We are a China company who focuses on quality and service, not price only.


We focus on quality and service. We have strict quality check for shipped PCB and assembly that are higher than IPC standard, and we try our best on service. We also control the components quality strictly so that we have full ability to avoid fake components to ensure the high quality and performance of our products.


We offer competitive prices in the world market. Not only PCB, you could find selected China components with reliable quality and competitive prices, also competitive assembly prices for prototype or small to medium volumn.


Service with Heart. We wish our customers will see it through our products and services.

About Us